The Improvements

While we've only been live in the public beta for about a week and a half, we've collected a ton of feedback. We also had been testing heavily before we launched and knew we had features and improvements we wanted to make. Today, we take a big step towards those goals!

If you have already installed the SimpleID SDK, it will continue working in your project. However, if you update the SDK, you'll see a significant improvement in performance. We've updated the documentation to clarify how to utilize the SDK as well.

If you're using Yarn as your package manager, you can run yarn remove simpleid-js-sdk. When that's finished, just reinstall by running yarn add simpleid-js-sdk.

If you're using NPM as your package manager, you can run npm uninstall simplid-js-sdk. When that's finished, you can reinstall by running npm install simpleid-js-sdk.

With this improvement to the SDK, we feel like we've created our first "stable" version of the SDK. And so we've officially bumped the version to 1.0.0!🎉

The SimpleID App

There is no action to take to experience to the updates to the SimpleID App, but there are plenty of updates. As with the SimpleID SDK, there are significant performance improvements, but we also rolled out a couple of new features.

Plain text notifications - When you create a notification, we now return both the HTML and the plain text version of that notification. This means that when you have installed the SimpleID SDK into your app and created notifications, you can take in the plain text and render that message in a part of your app where you may not be able to inject HTML directly (or don't want to).

3Box profiles support - We collect as little information about you as possible when you sign up for SimpleID. However, we recognize some people may want to have profile info that makes for a nicer experience in the app. So, we've integrated 3Box profiles into the "Account" page in SimpleID. If you have an Ethereum wallet installed, all you need to do is click the Connect 3Box button and your 3Box profile will be pulled in. If you'd like to update your 3Box profile to include an image and other info, you can do so here:

Click to copy App ID - While this is a relatively minor improvement, it feels nice to have a click to copy button here. When you create a project and the App ID is assigned, you now have a click to copy button so you can easily grab the App ID and move it into your product.

Moving Forward
As we move forward, you'll see more features and more announcements. The improvements released today set us up to help deliver an enhanced experience to you easier.
If you have feedback, please let us know. We are very open to suggestions, bug reports, and you saying hi


If you know of any projects that could benefit from SimpleID, please send them to