While SimpleID is in beta, our goal is to collect as much feedback as possible from early adopters and distill that feedback into actionable product decisions. We like to think we move fast, but we also like to think we don't break things. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. But at the end of the day, we continue to release features based on customer feedback and research. Today is another big release day.

Pre-Built Dashboards (Sort of)

When setting up a new SimpleID account, it could be confusing to figure out what you needed to do next. You've installed the SDK into your app, now what? Rather than make you build a segment for all of your users, create a dashboard tile for that segment, and finally see the tile show up on your dashboard, we do all of that for you behind the scenes.

This segment and dashboard title will always be available. No need to create an additional All Users segment.

While it's not exactly a robust, pre-built dashboard, it's a start. And we're still very much open to feedback.

Easier Dashboard Customization

Previously, it was a three step process to customize your dashboard. First, you'd have to create a segment. Then, you'd have to go to the Customize tab and create a tile, then you'd have to give that tile a name. Finally, it'd show up on the dashboard.

We've streamlined that process to one step. When you create a segment, it will default to be shown on the dashboard. If you don't want it to show, just switch Show on Dashboard to "No".

Updating your dashboard is now as simple as updating the segment. Creating tiles is now as simple as creating segments.

Quick View Addresses in a Segment

While we are currently only displaying wallet addresses associated with a segment, we plan to offer more functionality around viewing segment details. For now, you can click a segment from either the dashboard or the segments page and get a quick view of all the wallet addresses in the segment.

This is a quick way to verify segment data and cross-reference addresses you might have from a source other than SimpleID.

Edit Segments

Previously, once you created a segment, you could only delete it. You could not edit it. Now, you have full control. You can update just the title of the segment, update whether it shows on the dashboard or not, and update the entire filtering criteria you had previously set up.

With update capabilities, you can make quick updates to your segments to fine tune them to your specifications.

Paste Addresses Option

Segmentation gives you a lot of power. It can help you analyze your product, it can help you track raw usage, and it can help you communication better. One thing that was missing was the ability to welcome certain people to your application by watching for their wallet address. Not anymore.

You can paste a comma-delimited list of wallet addresses as a segment.

A good use case for this is in the Decentralized Finance world. There are addresses with significant balances. These are generally referred to as "whales", and you can now customize an in-app message just for that group of people if and when they arrive at your application. There are many other practical applications for this feature. Use it wisely.

More To Come

We are constantly improving SimpleID. In fact, we already have some additional features in testing. As soon as they are ready, we'll share them with you.

If you'd like to give SimpleID a try, sign up here.