It’s no secret that the blockchain space has had a user experience problem for a long time. However, with services like Portis and Fortmatic, the experience feels a lot like using applications on the traditional web. SimpleID provides a similarly easy onboarding and Web3 interaction experience, but we also wanted to solve the real problem facing the blockchain space.


Just getting people through the door isn’t enough. It’s never been enough in Web 2.0, so it’s silly to think it’d be enough in Web 3.0. Solving the onboarding experience is just one facet of solving the entire engagement problem. We define engagement as containing the following four pieces:

  • Authentication
  • Notifications
  • Analytics
  • Re-Engagement

We’ll go through each in detail, but let’s first examine why engagement is the real problem facing blockchain applications today. In the early days of blockchain applications, the paradigm of user interaction was shifted. The way people used these apps was very different than how they used traditional apps. However, as the blockchain space as a whole has tried to find a way to bring on the remaining 99% of the population, the paradigm of user interaction has shifted back to be much more closely aligned with traditional applications. In fact, you’ll see many applications that don’t mention blockchain or mention it minimally. This is not to say the value proposition of blockchain has changed, but instead, the way blockchain is “sold” to people has changed.

Given this shift in presentation, and despite the improvements in user experience, most blockchain applications still operate as if it were 2006. Minimal communication with their users. Minimal understanding of how their users use the apps. This is why people aren’t coming back over and over again. This is why there’s little to no viral growth of blockchain apps.

SimpleID is fixing that. Let’s dive into the four tiers of engagement as defined above.


In order for a user to engage with your application, they have to be able to sign in. This is the step that had been broken for so long in the blockchain world. It’s only now getting fixed. Many applications still have a poor experience, but at least there are options available to solve the problems.

SimpleID provides one such solution. Through our non-custodial wallet, people can log in with just an email. No passwords to remember. No seed phrases to lose.

Of course, because we’ve built the entire system to be modular, the remainin tiers of engagement can be solved through SimpleID even if your application users are using a wallet provider other than SimpleID.


Crypto’s biggest announcements are made via hard-coded messages pinned to the top of an application and visible only when a user signs in. See the MakerDAO announcements below as an example.

Maker DAO dashboard announcement

Simple notifications, pushed to a device or to email are a necessity, and yet most blockchain applications have not implement such features. This is largely due to two things:

  1. Privacy concerns
  2. Time

SimpleID solves for both of these concerns. Long-term we are building out a solution that will ensure a user’s real-world identity cannot be tied back to their wallet address. And our solution is a drop in SDK that takes just a couple minutes to configure.


Sending standard notifications is a start, but it doesn’t solve the real problems of engagement. In order to dive deep and make sure people are coming back to your applications, you have to know a whole lot more. As GI Joe said:

Knowing is half the battle

SimpleID leverages on-chain and smart contract interactions to provide you with segmentation data you can use when messaging your users. Without ever revealing individual identities, we enable direct communication to target groups of users of your app.


If you’re not sending a welcome email within a few minutes of a user signing up for your application for the first time, you are more likely to lose that user. This comes directly from the Web 2.0 playbook, but it’s important that we think about ways to apply it to Web 3.0.

SimpleID creates easy to use email templates that can be triggered automatically to ensure your new users and your existing users have a reason to come back. Additionally, you can create custom emails and send them to targeted lists based on the segments you create through our analytics service.

To take blockchain applications from a few hundred thousand users to a few hundred million, we have to solve the engagement problem facing the entire space. SimpleID is doing that in a privacy preserving, easy-to-use way.

If you’re building an application and want to grow your user base and keep them coming back, let’s talk.

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