The Road So Far

Less than a year ago, SimpleID was still building an Ethereum wallet. The goal was to simplify the onboarding process for Web3 apps. Fortunately for the entire ecosystem and for us as a company, a ton of companies set out to solve the same problem around the same time. It became clear to us by November of last year that we weren't just interested in solving onboarding. We were interested in solving engagement, communication, and retention—three fundamental pieces to running any software business that were lacking in Web3.

With the help of Consensys' Tachyon accelerator, we refined our vision, talked to customers, and built an early version of our product. In the months since, we've continued talking to customers and continued building.

Today, SimpleID processes hundreds of thousands of data requests per month. We've seen more than a 1000% increase (you read that right) in wallets that have come through SimpleID via our existing customers. We've helped companies notify their users after significant protocol events (like exploits), and we've helped companies comfort their users during market fluctuations (like Black Thursday). Simply put, SimpleID has been there as the Web3 ecosystem matured and recognized the need to communicate and engage with users in a privacy-focused way.

Now, because of the overwhelmingly positive reception of Simple ID in the market, the confidence that early testers and customers have given us, and the thousands upon thousands of lines of code our team has written and re-written in the last 6-months, it's time to take the next step.

What's Next?

On May 4th, 2020, SimpleID will officially emerge from beta. What does that mean exactly? That means we will, for the first time, be introducing pricing tiers for our product. We will continue to offer a free version of SimpleID, and early adopters who choose not to move onto one of our paid tiers will retain access to all of their existing data. But we will now also be offering two paid tiers. The tiers are dependent on the features you need as an organization.

Our pricing tiers are:

Free Tier Features:

  • In-App Notifications
  • 1 Custom Segment
  • Live, Decentralized Support Chat

Premium Tier Features:

  • Free+
  • Unlimited Custom Segmentation
  • Import Users Via Smart Contract Address

Enterprise Tier Features

  • Premium+
  • Email Communications
  • Email Import
  • Email Analytics
  • Multiple Projects
  • API Support
  • Insights
  • SLA
  • And more

If you are using SimpleID and did not receive a separate email from us, please respond to this so that we can talk about your account and make sure you are taken care of. If you're interested in trying SimpleID, we offer live demos, have a free plan, and can support a wide range of organizations—from the smallest solo shops to the biggest protocols in Web3.

Let's build the future of Web3 together. Get started today!